Military Video Games

By Keith A. Webster Jr. Do the names Call of Duty, Splinter Cell, or Ghost Recon ring a bell? All three of these games have one thing in common: military action. These games have been modernized and are becoming more ...
Military Video Games

Our mission is to produce quality television and live online broadcasts featuring established and upcoming comic book artists, cartoonists, graffiti artists, pop artists, illustrators, entertainment/gaming artists, animators and musicians that create music for those industries. We will provide a platform for those that create the art and music that provide a means of escape from daily grime. We will provide a social network supported by sponsors and partners for those that wish to immerse themselves in the culture. Our audience will have the opportunity to learn from artists and musicians of the industry and watch them demonstrate their techniques. It is our goal that they will gain knowledge and appreciation of how things work, the history of escapism and its importance in current times. Commercial art and music for industry educators will also be encouraged to participate.

The Future of Video Games

Posted by Keith Webster

By Keith A. Webster Jr. Who knew that video games would make it this far in modern society. With the linkage of online play for the Xbox and PS4, there seems to be no end to gameplay for mass audiences. Let’s be honest, the diehard fans of video games will always be there in the […]

7 Wonders: The Most Well-Designed Tabletop Game Ever

Posted by Darwin Geronimo

By Darwin Geronimo My love for games extends not only to digital games but tabletop games as well. Companies such as Sony and Microsoft spend millions of dollars developing and designing controllers comfortable to the player’s hands but no video game can replicate the feel of rolling dice in your hands or shuffling a deck […]

Sunless Sea Has Few Rivals

Posted by Sarah Howell

By Sarah Howell Sunless Sea is a spin-off of a popular browser game called Fallen London by the same company, Failbetter Games. Sunless Sea is based in the same universe and the player takes on command of an Unterzee steamship as their captain, whose background and goals are customizable. The player only wins when they […]

Moral and Ethical Terms of Game Development; Should There be a Limit?

Posted by Brian Massey

By Brian Massey After the release of Hatred, a lot of people were angry about the whole game; In fact, the game was removed from Steam Greenlight but was brought back a few months later. With a goal to kill as many people as possible, the game started people wondering “what kind of game am […]

Leisure Suit Larry: RPG In the Entertainment Industry

Posted by Michele McMillan

By Michele McMillan One of the big things we have been talking about is film video game crossovers. At first we considered films about games, but then someone mentioned Leisure Suit Larry, seemingly out of the blue. Back in the 90s there were playable video game demos of RPGs that came on CD, inside of […]

Top 10 Comics that Should be Games (or Maybe They Are)

Posted by Michele McMillan

By Michele McMillan 1. 100 Bullets – Great storyline, great characters, and options to go the team-mission solving way, or, the vengeance seeking regular guy. 2. Sandman – Pretty sure this would have to be an RPG. Not really a shoot him up. Again, a nice set of characters to choose from with the Endless […]