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Second LifeBy Michele McMillan

I could never understand how SecondLife worked, or what made it interesting; but what really appealed to me was the virtual economy – how a pixelated avatar could generate revenue in the real world and intrigue many of us and marketing and technology professionals everywhere take notice. It just didn’t hold me. RPGs have always been my favorites because I’m more into losing myself in an experience, but I have yet to find one online to join. Being a developer, I am always looking at code and thinking of things to write, and lately I have been wondering about a more graphically intensive online virtual economy…but what? Does the future of the virtual MMORPG economy rest solely in user accounts and weapons? Is there something more we are missing? Can the fantasy become the primary life? I believe as we approach the possibilities of wildest science fiction dreams, we need to first, come up with them. We need to imagine the possibilities for the usage of the latest technologies. What if every home had a danger room? What enemies would you fight? Where would you go on the holodeck? Currently, we have tons of awesome, fast-paced, action packed games, but where does one go to relax?







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