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ecolibriumBy Jacob Jordan

Ecolibrium is definitely unique and original because it involves a world that gamers on earth have never seen. It is a strategy/simulation game available for the Playstation Vita that allows the player to simulate raising and growing plants, trees, and different kinds of animals in an ecosystem in order to keep everything existing in equilibrium. It is a single-player game and has the feel of a strategy game but it does not involve fighting which makes it feel like a simulation.

The player starts out by playing through tutorials with the assistance of a flying robot guide. This game could be a bit confusing without this guide because it is such an original design. That said, it is simple enough and appropriate for gamers of any age. The graphics are good considering what type of game it is. The actual gameplay is good because it involves realistic time intervals between turns.

The game begins with the tutorial and then the player is prepared to fill an ecosystem on what looks like an alien planet. The player earns points by introducing new plants, trees, and animals into their ecosystem and keeping them from dying by rationing resources. The animals do not look like anything from earth which also adds excitement to the gameplay.

From the viewpoint of a tester or designer, I only have one major issue with this game and that is the audio. While the sounds for the animals are appropriate, there is no background music which can allow the player to become distracted and lose interest. I would have liked to hear some exotic and relaxing music to go along with the gameplay. The designers for this game had the right idea but failed just a bit short due to lack of music. I would recommend this game to any fan of Civilization or The Sims because of the similar gameplay.


Jacob Jordan


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Jacob Jordan
Jacob Jordan is a video game enthusiast, a graduate Student with degrees in Business Administration and Instructional Design, and is currently completing a Master’s degree in Teaching and Learning with Technology. He is also a licensed EMT-Basic and first responder with experience in HAZMAT.




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