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Modiphius Announces Dust Adventures

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arkham knight By Irvin Fleming

Adding fuel to the fire, Batman: Arkham Knight seems to be keeping the Batman Arkham series ever blazing. Many gameplay elements from the previous Arkham games return in Arkham Knight, including the batarangs, countering system and detective vision. And new elements have been added as well. The player is now able to drive the batmobile and the player can even use certain items while in flight.

Batman: Arkham Knight takes place a year after Arkham City. With the Joker no longer a threat to the city, other enemies of Batman see an opportunity to band together to get rid of the Dark Knight and it seems that Scarecrow is taking the lead as the main villain in this game.

The map is reported to be bigger than it was in previous games. After watching the E3 gameplay, I must say Arkham Knight looks like another award-winning game for the Batman series. Adding the Batmobile and watching the cool gadgets in use really shows off the power and abilities the vehicle has within its arsenal.

An amazing twist to the game is that players shouldn’t expect to see any loading screens; in fact the players are expected to get seamless gameplay. Adding more realism to the game, Batman’s cape seems to get water marks after getting wet and who knows maybe it can even attract dirt or even blood from enemies. Batman: Arkham Knight could become the best Arkham game. It shows amazing graphics, seamless gameplay and new gadgets with tricks and the Batmobile. It is truly one of the best looking games I’ve seen at E3. I am expecting great things, and it could be one of the defining fourth generation console games.



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