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valveimageBy William De La Torre
Over the past year, the Steam controller has gone through a lot of changes. In its first iteration it really tried to break free from the norm in almost every aspect of its design. In it, were not only haptic feedback touchpads, which are still in the current design, but also uniquely placed ABXY buttons separated to allow for each thumb to press two of the buttons. It was an ambitious design but received mixed reviews from the public who have used it during various betas and events over the past year.

In response, Valve has gone through several revisions since then and each has moved one step closer to a conventional design. The most recent example of this is the analog stick that has been added to the controller. As it stands, the controller is a sort of hybrid between conventional with a joystick as well as “plus sign” placed ABXY button and something new with its trackpads designed to emulate the accuracy and speed up to this point only found on the PC and mouse. This choice may be what is needed to get enough mainstream support to be financially viable yet innovative enough to rise above the competition. However, as of yet, there is still no release date or even a price. Given Valve’s history of taking their time to get anything they do just right, hopefully this controller along with the rest of the console will live up to its expectations.



William De La TorreAbout the Writer

William De La Torre is a senior at USC studying both Business and Game Design & Management. He has worked on multiple social media campaigns for projects including Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, professional gamer Fatal1ty, College-Social.com, and more. He is also the art producer and game designer for an upcoming commercial game being created at USC. After graduation he will pursue a career in the game industry as a producer and designer.



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