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sunset overdriveBy Irvin Fleming

For a game that is fun, conventional, and fun to play, in terms of the gameplay, Sunset Overdrive appears to be a significant example of the enjoyment that games can fulfill. Since the demonstration of the game takes place inside of an amusement park, which has an abundant of colors, then clearly the atmosphere is amusing to play.

Although it resembles the 2013 zombie game, “Dead Rising 3”, there is an intriguing style about the game that involves comic book cues, and bringing out the wit, as well. The usual mindset of going to an amusement park is to enjoy the rides, especially the roller coaster. Sunset Overdrive is a roller coaster that the players can enjoy with a variety of weapons, as a Punk Rock character. The Neon lights with the architecture from Asian cultures present a unique visual world that the player can travel through by using wires around the area, otherwise walking freely on the roads. The villains seem to be influenced by Insomniac games previous franchise Resistance, due to their physical features, especially the Brawler.

The Multiplayer gameplay shows how chaotic the metropolis can be, including at night time. The Chaos Quad mode permits players to use crafting of particular tools to protect their fortifications against the enemies. There are eight players who can work as a team to defend themselves against the enemies, including various modes “Scavenger hunts, Combat missions and Traversal missions.



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