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dragonBy Dominique Paige

There are a lot of similarities between Blender and AutoDesk Maya. They’re both useful for creating models and animation. They might be similar, but there are a lot of differences between the two, especially learning to create certain models and animations. For starters, lets talk about the pros and cons with Blender:

Blender is a very new and upcoming modeling program for gamers.
Pros: It comes with its own screen recorder to record tutorials for users of Blender. You can create you own 2D and 3D games inside Blender.
Blender is its own game engine. For example, from the source of YouTube, a Super Mario Galaxy Fan-Made game was created inside Blender.
Blender is more than model making. It’s for level making and game making. However, the best thing about Blender is that it’s free to use and you don’t need to buy a license to use it. Of course, there are the  cons as well.
Cons: Students at some Colleges use Maya instead of Blender, which doesn’t give Blender an opportunity to show students how easy and super efficient it is to create models in Blender instead of Maya. With Unity mostly used, Blender has less an opportunity to create games inside the engine because users instead export models to Unity.
Maya tends to be the best in creating models and animations.
Pros: Unlike Blender, there are more features in Maya such as creating fur, explosions, and fireworks. Maya has evolved from 3D Max to create animations. Also, you can render with high quality images inside Maya and it’s being used for educational purposes around the world.
Cons: Once the free student license goes away, students must then buy the license. This makes the belief to them that there is modeling software that can match to the powerful Maya.
Unlike Blender, Maya doesn’t come with a recording software inside the program and isn’t a game engine to allow the user to create games. Additionally, Maya takes up more RAM than Blender because of its rendering the model whether it’s a big or small model. Of the modeling software I’d used, I like Maya, but I’m more in tune to  Blender’s features in regards to modeling, animation, and game creating. It’s like, why would you use Unity & Maya, when they take up more space on your computer or when you export you can use Blender. Overall, Blender is the underdog of modeling software, while Maya is it’s own ego.

Dominique PaigeAbout the Author

Dominique Paige Dominique Paige hails from Houston, Texas. He is 22 years old. Paige is an upcoming game designer who specializes in graphic design, level design, and sound editing. Currently, he is studying the world of game design at Houston Community College. Ever since he picked up a controller of a sega genesis game, his dream was to become a game designer and to create innovative and new ideas for the future of gaming.


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