Our mission is to produce quality television and live online broadcasts featuring established and upcoming comic book artists, cartoonists, graffiti artists, pop artists, illustrators, entertainment/gaming artists, animators and musicians that create music for those industries. We will provide a platform for those that create the art and music that provide a means of escape from daily grime. We will provide a social network supported by sponsors and partners for those that wish to immerse themselves in the culture. Our audience will have the opportunity to learn from artists and musicians of the industry and watch them demonstrate their techniques. It is our goal that they will gain knowledge and appreciation of how things work, the history of escapism and its importance in current times. Commercial art and music for industry educators will also be encouraged to participate.

Unreal Engine 4.1 fully supports Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and all Unreal Engine subscribers who are registered Xbox One or PlayStation 4 developers (including members of the ID@Xbox indie program) can receive access to UE4’s complete source code for their respective console platforms, at no extra cost.
Additionally, the Elemental Demo is available in the Marketplace.  Besides being a high-end graphical demo useful for learning advanced graphics techniques, all of the assets within Elemental – including its materials, meshes, animation, and sound – may be used in games built with UE4.
Other highlights include:

  • Improved iOS and Android workflow
  • SteamOS and Linux support
  • New game templates, both for C++ programmers and for designers using Blueprint visual scripting
  • More than 100 other improvements
Driven by feedback from the community and informed by Epic’s experience building games such as Fortnite, Unreal Engine 4 is evolving at an incredible pace.  Its first month has seen thousands of development forks created on GitHub to improve and extend the engine in an open and collaborative way.  Now, developers can see Epic’s engine development in real-time, with live source code updates streaming online.
Now is an incredible time to be an Unreal developer!  If you have any questions or feedback you’d like to share, please visit the forums or join our live broadcasts at Twitch.tv/UnrealEngine every Thursday at 2pm ET, which you can always go back and view at YouTube.com/UnrealEngine.
To start a new subscription now and gain access to the complete UE4 features and source code for just $19/month, visit: www.unrealengine.com/register
Or update your existing subscription here: www.unrealengine.com/dashboard
Thank you for being a part of this adventure!  As you can see at unrealengine.com, there are many exciting efforts in progress at Epic and throughout the Unreal ecosystem. We hope to see you around!
Tim Sweeney
Epic Games
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