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Thieves of Eden Kickstarter Live

edenRICHMOND, VA – Robert Simon Siegel announces the launch of the Thieves of Eden kickstarter at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2032527449/thieves-of-eden-graphic-novel.

The comic book is a quantum thriller to SAVE REALITY!  A high concept story now available for the masses in graphic novel form. When the artist Chris Hopkins met writer Robert Simon Siegel the comic sprang to life. The original ebook is currently available via Amazon or Barnes & Noble. The teaser of the comic is available for free as a kickstarter incentive at http://thievesofeden.com/?page_id=13

Siegel explains, “ Every single person, every single day,  has hidden power to change the world.  I want to excite and inspire. Comics are a great medium to help bring high concept material in an accessible format.”

Description of Thieves of Eden:

While its mysterious power to love, uplift and nourish has been forever exalted, true knowledge of the heart remains prisoner to mere emotion. Its secret energy function has been carefully hidden but to an elite few throughout history. Predating physics, poetic Biblical verses buried within all spiritual traditions both veil and reveal this greater power: how to direct events, change matter and grow reality. “Miracles” remain unexplained. Who blocked this knowledge and why?

Pushed together in a rush to unmask and stop devilish Enemies of Life from engineering Earth’s certain demise, a cast of characters of the four races must cooperate to combine rare knowledge found in each of their sacred traditions with cutting-edge science to thwart energy bandits from stealing Earth’s most precious treasure.

https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/images/cleardot.gifWhat if ‘life’ is indeed a game – a real game with players on each side? And you could actually win. You should learn how to play – NOW – for time is running out. There’s only one way you can win: PLAY the GAME!

Welcome to a story about reality. We share this reality. It is time we improve it.

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