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When Comic Artist Keu Cha discussed his thriving career with Escapism at McCormick Place in Chicago, there was noticeably an intense passion in his voice while he carefully minced his words to fully define his tenacious love for the art.

Cha, in Chicago attending the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) held at McCormick Place, March 18-20, 2011, engaged in a lively interview with Escapism (www.escapism.petal.ws/wp), revealing that music plays a valuable role in his artistic projects. He also talked about his future career plans.

With all the positive hoopla going on in his career, he laughed heartily when revealing that music goes right along with his work. That was mentioned when Escapism asked Cha, “What are you thinking when drawing?”

Cha said, “I put on my head set, blast music and kind of get into the zone.” By now he’s focusing on images and visualizing before he puts pen to paper.

“I have to have my music on. Yeah, that’s what gets me going,” Cha said. “That’s how I concentrate. Just music no lyrics; lyrics take you into a different spot.”

Cha got his “big break” as a Comic Artist in Year 2000 with Top Tower. However, now he mostly freelances. He wants it that way so he can give more time to his own personal projects.

“The exciting part is to come up with your own ideas,” he pointed out.

Cha is passionate about his work and always pushes himself. “You have to be passionate about something and pursue it,” he said. “But you really need that gift. When I push myself, I find growth in that,” noting that he is his biggest critic almost to a fault.

Cha’s drawings have a lot of details. “I love that stuff. That motivates me to draw faster,” he said, pointing out that it takes from two to three days to draw one of his big spreads.

“I try to build myself up to get things done and in a timely manner,” he emphasized. “Comic books have a lot of pages and I try to get it out there and meet deadlines.” He has also mastered the art of 3D – texture, color and form.

Working on his own projects he admits he has to wear two hats – that of a Comic Artist and of Businessman. “I had a near nervous breakdown when I put on that business hat,” he laughingly said. “There are many things I have to work on.”

Attending Comic conventions can take up a large part of his schedule. So far he has attended two conventions this year and there are several on his agenda.

“It’s great to hear people discuss your work and say they like it. It says that you’re doing something right,” Cha said.

Article by Michele McMillan

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