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Battle Chef BrigadeBen Perez, Co-founder and programmer at Trinket Studios, is Running a Kickstarter Campaign!

Ben Perez is Co-founder and programmer at Trinket Studios, an Indie Game development company in Chicago. Trinket Studios currently has three team members (including Ben) and two titles under their belt with a third coming. They are running a very successful Kickstarter campaign which is no surprise because Ben and team members Tom Eastman and Eric Huang have extended their support and shared their knowledge openly with user groups and the game development community. Their studio has backed and cross-promoted more than 15 KickStarters.

Ben knew in High School he wanted to be in game development. He attended DePaul University and decided in his junior year, he would pursue his dream to be a game developer. A professor approached him with an opportunity to intern for Wide Load games after noting how committed he was to getting his work done after hours at school. While at Wide Load, he worked on a “WII game similar to Clue and Guess Who?” for about a year before they were purchased by Disney and he worked on the Marvel Hulk IP game similar to Infinity Blade. After a year and a half, he left Wide Load in 2011/2012 with two of his co-workers that would later become his team at Trinket Studios, and produce two game titles.

Color SheepColor Sheep is a fast-paced old school arcade color mixing game like “a coin operated game meets Simon Says.” Orion’s Forge is a narrative physics puzzler. Now, they are working on a larger title for PC called Battle Chef Brigade a story-driven game on KickStarter until Monday, Oct 27 2014 10:00 PM CDT. Ben says the TV show Iron Chef has definitely been a big influence while creating the game. Their team often wondered why there was no game that fantasized or emphasizes and dramatizes at a ridiculous fantasy level the cooking concept. They anticipate the game being done in April 2016. Let’s help hit that stretch goal so we can play with “Ziggie, The Undead Chef. “

Ben reminds us that crowdfunding is a heavy time investment, and his team worked very hard to raise awareness about their campaign. “It requires sitting down putting in some work.” Speaking of work, Trinket is considering providing contract work to other studios in 2015 so if you have a game you’ve been considering, this may be a studio you can contact for professional work.

Their company mantra is: “Big characters, small games.” They focus on having a main character or environment that draws people in. Battle Chef has a big band of characters, and I can certainly see this as an animated film down the line.

Ben says owning an Indie company is more satisfying than working in the industry because you make your own decisions about the game, but there are also challenges because they are responsible for their own marketing, social networking, meeting, press, legal, game design, social networking, etc. You have to wear many hats as an Indie. He further stated, working for a large studio is also a good experience because you learn things from people with more experience and that guide you through the process of actually making a game professionally. He appreciated and valued his time at Wide Load Games.

Dedication helps in the field, and a professor at the university that also worked for Wide Load Games noticed Ben as a student stuck around working late on his projects. Employers look for dedication. You only get good if you keep trying, putting in the hard work, the hours and working with others. Game development is rarely a single person thing, and it helps to be a social person that works well with others, says Ben.

When he and his two co-workers left Wide Load, they focused on games they could do quickly so they started with mobile games for iOS and Android. Now, they are ready to make a game they could get addicted like they did with their consoles. That inspired them to create the PC game “Battle Chef Brigade. Ben noted, the increase in game development content can be overwhelming, but they are exploring ways to reduce the amount of time to create content.  Follow Ben and Trinket Studios on Twitch. Don’t forget to join the Brigade by supporting their KickStarter. We can’t wait to see this one!

Phoenix DawnBy Dominique Paige

PETAL et al recently did an interview with Eric Trowbridge, CEO of Apixal Studios, of which I was a participant. I was privileged to be a part of this interview – asking Trowbridge questions about his new game Phoenix Dawn, his successful endeavor with Kickstarter, his thoughts on the Indie Game industry, his risk and payoffs.

I had watched Trowbridge’s trailer on Kickstarter and frankly, I was not surprised that he had over achieved in the original funding amount he had sought. But I never thought a person had to risk himself by leaving his full-time job at Apple to work full-time on his game. And if you ever thought that making games wasn’t a full time job, then perhaps you are not aware or do not fully understand the true risks of being a game designer, artist, or programmer.

When I watched his trailer on Kickstarter – over achieving his original funding amount, which is amazing – there were many people that wanted his game to be a success, including myself.

During the interview, Eric pointed out that one does not necessarily need Kickstarter in order to be a success. In fact, there were others who had major successes including Brad Borne, the man who created Adventures of Fancy Pants.

Trowbridge’s Phoenix Dawn game is being created by his Apixal Studios. In the game, a witch named Phoenix is going through different learning spells, developing character, and defeating bosses.

Townbridge said he got the idea for the game from his favorite games: Diablo, World of Warcraft, and Skyrim. He noted that he likes to develop mostly RPG games because that is what his company image and gameplay are all about. Nonetheless, he is open to doing other games of action and adventure somewhere down the road.

His thoughts on Indie game companies vs. company game companies? The game industry is really increasing because of competition. And as more game designers, artist, and programmers are born, the more competition will increase.

One of the things I learned from this interview is that there’s so much one has to do to be a success, whether working as an Indie or being in corporate. And that also takes in their full-time job, social life, and/or the things they love most.


Dominique PaigeAbout the Author

Dominique Paige hails from Houston, Texas. He is 22 years old. Paige is an upcoming game designer who specializes in graphic design, level design, and sound editing. Currently, he is studying the world of game design at Houston Community College. Ever since he picked up a controller of a sega genesis game, his dream was to become a game designer and to create innovative and new ideas for the future of gaming.

ParsecPinnacle Entertainment Group’s fourth funded tabletop adventure smashes its goal with over 800% funding

Chandler, AZ – October 20, 2014 – With less than two days remaining on its fourth successfully-funded Kickstarter project, long-running publisher of high-quality tabletop games Pinnacle Entertainment Group and its president Shane Hensley today announced that The Last Parsec has achieved over 800% of its initial funding goal. Based on the award-winning Savage Worlds roleplaying system, The Last Parsec is a sci-fi tabletop roleplaying game of planetary exploration and adventure.
In The Last Parsec, characters cross the cosmos under the auspices of JumpCorp, an intergalactic megacorporation that contracts exploration, security, bounty hunting, transportation, and everything in between. Adventures take explorers from system to system and planet to planet, finding strange new civilizations, discovering terrifying creatures, and battling pirates, hostile aliens, rival corporations, and stranger things!
Currently sitting at over $65,000 and counting in funding, The Last Parsec has just two days to go on its Kickstarter campaign. Backers can choose from a variety of reward tiers, including the all-inclusive Jump Chief tier, which guarantees everything imaginable for the ultimate The Last Parsec tabletop roleplaying experience. The Parseccampaign’s next three stretch goals of $70K, $80K, and $90K will allow Pinnacle Entertainment Group to create and provide miniature-tier backers with bonus tabletop figurines of the Florian, Saurian, and Rakashan alien races, respectively.
For more information, visit The Last Parsec Kickstarter page at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/545820095/the-last-parsec-savage-worlds.
Best-known for creating the tabletop roleplaying games Deadlands and Savage Worlds, Shane Hensley was also the lead writer for City of Villans (the standalone expansion for popular MMORPG City of Heroes), and an executive producer for the recently released MMORPG Neverwinter. Shane Hensley currently serves as an independent business development consultant for both Cryptic Studios and Petroglyph Games, and spends most of his time as the founder and president of Pinnacle Entertainment Group, which is currently celebrating its 20th anniversary of publishing widely-acclaimed, best-selling tabletop games.
Stay in touch with Pinnacle Entertainment Group on Twitter and Facebook for regular updates on The Last Parsec:
Twitter: twitter.com/PEG_Games
Facebook: facebook.com/PinnacleEntGroup
About Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Pinnacle Entertainment Group was founded in 1994. It is best known for its Deadlands and Savage Worlds roleplaying game lines. They publish card, board, and roleplaying games, short fiction and novels, and have successfully licensed several of their creations to other game companies, publishers, comics, television, and movie studios. www.peginc.com

Each year, Gen Con tailors its plans to help accommodate the growth and changing tastes of the growing Gen Con community. The Gen Con team examines both primary attendance data and the results of several targeted surveys, sent through a variety of channels. In past years, using similar information, Gen Con has worked to add shuttle service, created a Greeter program, and simplified the Family Fun Day process to name a few key data-driven changes.By the end of the year, Gen Con will offer at least two surveys, the first of which you can take by clicking here. Thank you to all those that already have completed the survey via the Facebook and Twitterpage links. Four random survey participants will be selected to receive *Free* badges to Gen Con 2015! The survey will close soon, so make sure to get your information in while you can.  
New Kickstarter Project from True Dungeon Team
Gen Con is excited to announce that the people behind the Gen Con Dungeons & Dragons live-action event True Dungeon have kicked off their brand-new KickstarterPrior to the UpWorks™ project, Jeff Martin, creator of True Dungeon, was President of Dwarven Forge for 10 years.  Now, he is launching a beautiful and versatile miniature castle-building system.  UpWorks will give you the power to create thousands of different castles, towers, temples, and village designs — while allowing you to remove entire roofs or multiple stories at once.  You can even use UpWorks to construct the dungeon below your ruined tower or haunted castle!
In addition to extreme durability, the 3D digitally-designed pieces are incredibly detailed.  The pieces are designed for lots of miniature gaming fun – just check out their Spiral Staircase that is cleverly designed to hold four miniatures.  We urge you to watch their Kickstarter video to see all the fantastic fun Jeff and the UpWorks team have created.Jeff has some amazing stretch goals planned, so thisUpWorks Kickstarter is going to be one of the most talked about projects in October!  Check it out!


shadows over normandieDo check out the video on Kickstarter as there is an awesome live action Achtung! Cthulhu piece featuring a Servitor Overlord from Achtung! Cthulhu
Paris Based Devil Pigs Games Takes To Kickstarter For Dark Twist On Normandie Invasion & Funds In Less Than An Hour!
Modiphius Entertainment is pleased to announce a licensing deal with Devil Pig Games for the Shadow’s Over Normandie boardgame and a series of expansions based on Modiphius’ terrifying World War Two universe, Achtung! Cthulhu.
First announced during Devil Pig Games Kickstarter for the tactical WW2 boardgame Heroes of Normandie in April 2013, Shadows Over Normandie is now a full standalone boxed game featuring the characters and forces from the Achtung! Cthulhu world.
Heroes of Normandie has been a hit tactical World War 2 boardgame release selling over 5000 copies in it’s first printing. You can see an excellent review of Heroes of Normandie by Tom Vasel here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWS7stQnO_8
Although development and production on Shadows Over Normandie is proceeding as planned, Devil Pig Games are taking the project to Kickstarter to extend the print run and give fans a chance to pick up some amazing new expansions for the standard Heroes of Normandie game as well as to fund box upgrades to include, free for all backers, in the Shadows Over Normandie boxed set plus additional campaign sets introducing more of the Achtung! Cthulhu forces, villains and heroes. Yes that’s right, backers of the original Heroes of Normandie Kickstarter who selected the Shadows over Normandie set will get the box update free of charge!
The story follows the Lost Platoon and takes place just a few weeks after D-Day somewhere deep in the Normandie countryside. The platoon led by Sgt. Carter of the U.S Rangers, with the help of French resistance agent Ariane Dubois and her fearsome companion must fight a force of Deep Ones and the Nazi Cult of the Black Sun before they unleash a terrible evil upon the Allied forces.
The Kickstarter funded inside the first 60 minutes and has already broken several stretchgoals at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1538673930/shadows-over-normandie
The Shadows Over Normandie Kickstarter offers something for both existing and new fans of the Heroes of Normandie series of games:
-       A new expansion (and maybe more) for Heroes of Normandie
-       Shadows over Normandie Base sets
-       Unlock extra content and box upgrades for Shadows Over Normandie boxed set,
-       New expansions for Shadows over Normandie
Devil Pig Games are committed to supporting the community and plan to use a stretch goal to hire a full time community manager to help organize tournaments, convention support, community events and much more.
For further information please reply to this email or contact:
Chris Birch
Modiphius Entertainment


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dragons MOBILE, AL – Bronco Ink Publishing, LLC is pleased to announce the launch of their new book, an adaptation of E. Nesbit’s THE BOOK OF DRAGONS at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/acbrown/the-book-of-dragons.

Publisher A.C. Brown describes the new collection this way: “E. Nesbit’s THE BOOK OF DRAGONS has been a fondly remembered children’s book for several generations. In the hope of recapturing the whimsy and adventure of her original collection, I assembled a team of writers and artists to bring her stories to life for a new century.”

With a cover by OFF REGISTRATION cover artist Daniel Govar, and a plethora of talented comic creators from around the world including Shawn Aldridge (GoGetters), Kate Frizzel (The Absentee), Mal Jones (District Comics), and many others, THE BOOK OF DRAGONS is 120 pages of amazing comics.

The goal is $3,500, with opportunities for digital, softcover, and hardcover editions as well as prints and the chance to have one of the book’s artists draw YOUR story.
The Kickstarter ends on August 8. You can see sample pages and learn more about the project as well as contribute to the Kickstarter at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/acbrown/the-book-of-dragons.

After the Kickstarter, THE BOOK OF DRAGONS, will be available through Ingram Distribution or direct from the publisher. Contact A.C. Brown at publisher@broncoink.com for more information.

About Bronco Ink Publishing, LLC:
Bronco Ink Publishing, LLC is dedicated to publishing new and exciting comics from around the world, with all ages books like THE BOOK OF DRAGONS, to the eclectic vision of KRANTZ by Argentinian master Horacio Lalia, and the variety of the bi-monthly digital comics magazine OFF REGISTRATION, Bronco Ink has something for everyone.
Bronco Ink publisher and THE BOOK OF DRAGONS editor, A.C. Brown’s work has appeared in English translations of Osamu Tezuka’s great children’s manga Unico and Triton of the Sea, as well as on www.the-only-living-boy.com