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unrealengine4By Brian Massey

When it comes to game development there are many game programs.
There are game programs such as GameMaker, Studio or Game Guru, but the popular ones are Unreal and Unity engine. Both of them now have their newest version composed of new features in the development tools; but not every game development tool is perfect as they both have pro’s and con’s.

Unreal Engine 4
Pro: Unreal Engine 4 is free to use
Pro: Scripting is a little easier with the new Blueprints program. You can set-up game functionality without having to do much.
Pro: Unreal Engine 4 has an interface that’s simple to use even for newcomers.
Pro: Has a special effects engine built in for creating those effects in video games.
Pro: Has tutorials on their website for different categories.

Con: The scripting is more complicated than the scripting in unity and with the new blueprints old developers of the former unreal engine might adjust for a while.
Con:It can be difficult creating effects and sometimes take trial and error.
Con: Asset Store while useful you have to pay for items in unity, although some of them are free.

Unity 5
Pro: Has Toolsets for both 2D and 3D games depending on what you pick.
Pro: Using script, in C#, Java, or Boo, you can make new program tools as well as new actions for characters.
Pro: Exporting and Building games are easy to perform for web, mobile, and console related games.
Pro: Large asset store that provides game packages, some have links to tutorials.
Pro: Comes with a new lighting system and can be surprising.
Con: If you want the pro version, which provides more advanced programs from game design, you have to pay$75 a month.
Con: Has both C# and Java for coding but can be complicated to use or understand for newcomers.
Con:If you want to build the game on a gaming console you will pay extra for that feature.
In conclusion, both have upgrades and flaws in their newest update to their product, but in the end it’s all about how the developer uses them. As for me, I was not the perfect developer when I started out. I went back and forth with unreal and unity. Frankly, it depends on which product is right or more comfortable to the person who is using it.


About the Author

Brian Massey
Brian Massey
has been studying game design for 4 years now. He is 21 Years Old. He earned the Deans Honors List last semester. He has learned game design aspects such as 3D Modeling and Special Effects. He went to Japan to Form Software in a study aboard program to learn more about the company. He hopes to not only be a part of a large game design company but also that one of his game ideas be created and shown in the real world.






dragonBy Dominique Paige

There are a lot of similarities between Blender and AutoDesk Maya. They’re both useful for creating models and animation. They might be similar, but there are a lot of differences between the two, especially learning to create certain models and animations. For starters, lets talk about the pros and cons with Blender:

Blender is a very new and upcoming modeling program for gamers.
Pros: It comes with its own screen recorder to record tutorials for users of Blender. You can create you own 2D and 3D games inside Blender.
Blender is its own game engine. For example, from the source of YouTube, a Super Mario Galaxy Fan-Made game was created inside Blender.
Blender is more than model making. It’s for level making and game making. However, the best thing about Blender is that it’s free to use and you don’t need to buy a license to use it. Of course, there are the  cons as well.
Cons: Students at some Colleges use Maya instead of Blender, which doesn’t give Blender an opportunity to show students how easy and super efficient it is to create models in Blender instead of Maya. With Unity mostly used, Blender has less an opportunity to create games inside the engine because users instead export models to Unity.
Maya tends to be the best in creating models and animations.
Pros: Unlike Blender, there are more features in Maya such as creating fur, explosions, and fireworks. Maya has evolved from 3D Max to create animations. Also, you can render with high quality images inside Maya and it’s being used for educational purposes around the world.
Cons: Once the free student license goes away, students must then buy the license. This makes the belief to them that there is modeling software that can match to the powerful Maya.
Unlike Blender, Maya doesn’t come with a recording software inside the program and isn’t a game engine to allow the user to create games. Additionally, Maya takes up more RAM than Blender because of its rendering the model whether it’s a big or small model. Of the modeling software I’d used, I like Maya, but I’m more in tune to  Blender’s features in regards to modeling, animation, and game creating. It’s like, why would you use Unity & Maya, when they take up more space on your computer or when you export you can use Blender. Overall, Blender is the underdog of modeling software, while Maya is it’s own ego.

Dominique PaigeAbout the Author

Dominique Paige Dominique Paige hails from Houston, Texas. He is 22 years old. Paige is an upcoming game designer who specializes in graphic design, level design, and sound editing. Currently, he is studying the world of game design at Houston Community College. Ever since he picked up a controller of a sega genesis game, his dream was to become a game designer and to create innovative and new ideas for the future of gaming.


Unreal Engine 4.1 fully supports Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and all Unreal Engine subscribers who are registered Xbox One or PlayStation 4 developers (including members of the ID@Xbox indie program) can receive access to UE4’s complete source code for their respective console platforms, at no extra cost.
Additionally, the Elemental Demo is available in the Marketplace.  Besides being a high-end graphical demo useful for learning advanced graphics techniques, all of the assets within Elemental – including its materials, meshes, animation, and sound – may be used in games built with UE4.
Other highlights include:

  • Improved iOS and Android workflow
  • SteamOS and Linux support
  • New game templates, both for C++ programmers and for designers using Blueprint visual scripting
  • More than 100 other improvements
Driven by feedback from the community and informed by Epic’s experience building games such as Fortnite, Unreal Engine 4 is evolving at an incredible pace.  Its first month has seen thousands of development forks created on GitHub to improve and extend the engine in an open and collaborative way.  Now, developers can see Epic’s engine development in real-time, with live source code updates streaming online.
Now is an incredible time to be an Unreal developer!  If you have any questions or feedback you’d like to share, please visit the forums or join our live broadcasts at Twitch.tv/UnrealEngine every Thursday at 2pm ET, which you can always go back and view at YouTube.com/UnrealEngine.
To start a new subscription now and gain access to the complete UE4 features and source code for just $19/month, visit: www.unrealengine.com/register
Or update your existing subscription here: www.unrealengine.com/dashboard
Thank you for being a part of this adventure!  As you can see at unrealengine.com, there are many exciting efforts in progress at Epic and throughout the Unreal ecosystem. We hope to see you around!
Tim Sweeney
Epic Games

Unreal Engine 4 For Everyone

Posted by Contributor
Epic has opened up Unreal Engine 4 to the world! UE4 is now available for download in its entirety, including the full features, tools and the entire C++ source code for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android through a subscription plan. You can subscribe to UE4 for $19 per month, and ship games with UE4 commercially by paying 5% of gross revenue from product sales to users.
The engine includes lots of free content, including template games, sample games, content examples and more from the built-in Marketplace.
In UE4, all engine and game code are written in C++ using Microsoft Visual Studio (available free online) or Apple’s Xcode. Designers can build code-free games using Blueprint visual scripting, but there’s no UnrealScript, C# or JavaScript. GitHub is hosting the complete C++ source code for community-driven sharing and collaboration.
To get started, visit https://www.unrealengine.com.

We’ve launched all-new UE4 forums and community support channels. Since the new forums are a clean slate please create a new account right now to reserve your unique display name. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Once you create an account, you can post on the new forums, AnswerHub and the Wiki.

You are invited to check out our new user FAQ, official documentation, video tutorials and everything else available today.


You’re free to continue using UDK and releasing products as planned.

You can continue using the UDK forums with your existing login.

UE3 docs remain available on the archived Unreal Developer Network.

If you’re early in development or starting a new project, we recommend moving to UE4.

Thanks for being part of the Unreal development community. We hope you’ll join us to experience a new generation together with Unreal Engine 4!

February 2014 UDK Released

Posted by Contributor
In case you missed it last week, the February UDK release has landed! The latest release of the Unreal Development Kit (UDK) brings lots of new goodies, and these are just a few.

  • Support for iOS 7
  • Mobile shader upgrades
  • Distortion on mobile
  • Post-process enhancements
  • Lots of Unreal Editor and tools improvements
  • Check out the build notes

Unreal Engine Showcases \\\\\

Brothers: Tale of Two Sons Midnight Star Epigenesis
Each month, we select amazing Unreal Engine apps, games, and experiences to highlight in our monthly newsletter. If you’d like to be considered for our future spotlights, please post your information on the forum post here or here!

Latest News \\\\\

February 2014 Unreal Development Kit (UDK) available for download!

The February UDK update is here! In this release, you’ll find enhancements specific to iOS 7 and mobile support, including shader upgrades, and the addition of distortion. Many optimizations to the Unreal Editor, tools and post-process pipeline also ship in this build. Click for more info and to download >>

Rodeo Games building new mobile game with Unreal Engine 4

Independent UK developer Rodeo Games has adopted Unreal Engine 4 technology for a new mobile undertaking with Games Workshop. The team is using UE4 to build a new turn-based strategy game based on one of Games Workshop’s many properties, and recently told PocketGamer why they UE4 will help them stand out from the crowd. Rodeo Games are the creators behind “Hunters: Episode 1,” “Hunters 2,” and “Warhammer Quest,” the successful mobile game that kicked off their ongoing partnership with Games Workshop. For more details >>

Kamcord Joins Unreal Engine 3 Integrated Partners Program

Kamcord Inc. has joined the Unreal Engine 3 Integrated Partners Program (IPP). With Kamcord’s incorporation into UE3 developers can enable players to capture gameplay as it takes place on the screen of mobile devices. Players can then use Kamcord to record, replay, and share their in-game experiences via email, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Read more >>

If you missed the news earlier this week, Gen Con has named its official charity for 2013, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana. With its operations beginning more than 40 years ago, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana has provided valuable mentoring and youth development services throughout the Indy community.

“With more than a century of history as an impactful charity, Big Brothers Big Sisters has shown that their mentorship provides a lasting, important service to the community,” said Adrian Swartout, CEO of Gen Con LLC. “Due to this long-standing commitment to youth, the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana are an ideal candidate for our official 2013 charity.”

Gen Con will host several events during its 2013 show, running August 15-18 at the Indiana Convention Center, in which all proceeds will go to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana. Events will include, but are not limited to, a charity auction, construction and demolition of a giant “Cardhalla” made of assembled trading cards, the “Slay the Creature” balloon sculpture battle, the Aces of Aces event entering its twelfth year,and finally, a mystery event sponsored by Gen Con Indy 2013 Co-Sponsor Mayfair Games.

“We are excited about this opportunity and look forward to partnering with the Gen Con team this year,” said Kristy Weaver, Director of Corporate Giving and Events at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana.

Additional information about the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana (BBBSCI) can be found by clicking here.

Last Chance for Consideration for Potential Industry Insider Guests of Honor

The deadline for submissions to the Industry Insider Guest of Honor program is approaching rapidly. Requests must be submitted by the cut-off date of Monday, April 8, 2013 before noon (Eastern). If you are an active voice in the gaming community, the Industry Insider Guest of Honor program may be a terrific Gen Con experience for you!

To submit a Request for Consideration, please log-in to the Gen Con website. There you can find the information under the Host heading. If you already are logged in to the Gen Con system, you may learn more about and complete the online Request for Consideration here.

Requests for Consideration will be reviewed by the Industry Insider Guest of Honor Advisory Panel, which, this year, has increased to five members. Members include last year’s entire inaugural panel of Matt Forbeck, Kenneth Hite, and Stan!, as well as the new additions of Nicole Lindroos, GM of Green Ronin Games, and Eric Lang, noted board game designer. All requests will receive notification regarding their status in the weeks following the submission deadline.

Those selected will receive a complimentary Guest of Honor four-day pass, their picture and bio will be featured in the Gen Con Indy 2013 Program Book, and they will get to take part in featured panels and seminars throughout the convention weekend. Sign-up now!
Get Your Badge at Gencon.com

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