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The WorryWoo Monsters Take the Stage

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Monsters of Emotions adapted into a Woosical

JERSEY CITY, NJ  – Andi Green, creator of the award-winning series The WorryWoo Monsters, announced today that rumors of a WorryWoo Musical are true! Green has signed a contract with seasoned theater pros Kristen Tumminello (musical theatre instructor, AL) , Kelley Birney (Actress/ Writer, CA) and Jay Tumminello (NY based Composer/Arranger) to create and produce the first Woosical! “They have written an unbelievable script with a dream come true musical score” says Green. “I have always thought about bringing the WorryWoos to life, and what they put together already goes above and beyond anything I could have imagined!” Green explains that Jay Tumminello, the Woosical composer, has created a score that rivals the likes of her favorite soundtracks, the Muppets and The Last Unicorn. As well, the script written by Kristen Tumminello and Kelley Birney has adapted the WorryWoo characters into a magical experience that brings the “Woo” world to life.

The Tumminellos and Birney started writing the script and music two years ago after Kristen discovered The WorryWoos in a local gift shop in Huntsville, AL. “The first time I read Green’s books, I was inspired!” says K. Tumminello. Kristen contacted her writing team, lifetime friends Kelley Birney and brother-in-law Jay Tumminello about the project. “Kristen was so excited about this, I knew it had to be something amazing,” says Birney.” After I read the books, I was hooked and knew she was absolutely right!” The collaborators met Andi Green in NYC in April of 2011 and the rest is history! This magical project was not without its challenges though. With the writers being in 3 different states, they would email back and forth regularly and meet every few months to brainstorm until the Woosical script was complete.

From Fuddle and Wince’s duet about confusion and worry to Squeek’s poignant song about leaving his “Bubble”, the Woosical brings to life five WorryWoo characters exploring various emotions in the signature WorryWoo way. “One might think it is a challenge to write a song about a monster who lives in a bubble (Squeek),” says J. Tumminello, “but for me the music just came naturally. These characters tap into the psyche of both children and adults. I wanted the music to do the same!” Andi Green adds that both the script and music retain the valuable lessons about each of the emotions The WorryWoos are known for while creating a wonderful musical theatre experience.

So get ready to embrace your emotions – literally!! The Woosical will debut in workshops throughout Summer 2013 and production dates are anticipated to begin mid 2014.

Woosical Synopsis:

Meet the WorryWoos: Squeek, Rue, Fuddle and Wince. Four friends on an incredible journey to find Nola, a monster they have never met, but she just may hold the key to everything. Along the way the monsters face loneliness, insecurity, confusion, fear and worry. But through sheer determination, unyielding friendship and, of course, the power of song, they find more than what they were looking for. By working through challenges together they find the courage and confidence it takes to succeed.

Based on the award winning children’s book series by author Andi Green, playwrights Kristen Tumminello and Kelley Birney, with composer Jay Tumminello, bring the WorryWoos to life in Woosical, a rollicking new musical that will have children of all ages dancing, singing and embracing their Inner Woo!

About The Woosical Team:

Kristen Shivers Tumminello, is a theatrical maven who has spent over twenty years working both on and back stage for numerous operas, plays and musical theater presentations around the country. Kristen obtained her Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from The University of Montevallo and her Master of Music in Musical Theater Performance from Oklahoma City University. During her graduate studies, Kristen was chosen by the Dean of Music to direct a production of the children’s opera Brundibar which paved the way for her becoming a director/musical director for many productions post-graduation.  Currently Kristen works and resides in Hunstville, Al where she directs and teaches musical theater and voice. In addition, Kristen enjoys creating scenic art for area theater companies.  Her most recent work can be seen on the set of Huntsville’s Seussical the Musical.  Woosical! marks her fifth collaboration with brother-in-law and musical composer Jay Tumminello.

Kelley Birney lives in Los Angeles, California with her director husband, Tim Reischauer, where she is an established writer and actress. Birney has performed in numerous theatrical productions across the country, garnishing rave reviews. Some of her television credits include, The Young and The Restless, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and The Client List. Her current endeavors include writing and producing the award winning, film, Impulsive, which is appearing in various film festivals across the country.

Jay Tumminello Since 1989, Jay has been a creative force behind more than 24 original Children’s Theatre musicals and plays, composing for multiple companies across the country.  From 1993-1998, Jay was fortunate to retain a coveted Endowed Artist position with Birmingham Children’s Theatre, one of the few professional companies in the southeastern United States to have received multiple Awards of Excellence from The Kennedy Center.  Jay presently makes his home in New York City, where he continues to joyfully compose, arrange and orchestrate. Jay is very excited to be a part of the WOOSICAL creative team.

Andi Green is a bird-loving, cat-cuddling, dog-snuggling monster-maker who started her career as an Art Director in NYC. In 2007 Green left the corporate world and launched her company Monsters In My Head where she began writing, illustration and producing books and plush dolls called the WorryWoo Monsters. Today Green’s WorryWoos can be found in gift, boutique and toy shops around the world. Andi’s goal is to help children embrace their emotions and find their inner Woo. And with the release of her sixth book, a new WorryWoo app and the Woosical on its way it seems her message is catching on.

About The WorryWoo Monsters:
The WorryWoo Monsters are an award-winning series of books and plush dolls created by artist Andi Green. What started as an art exhibit in NYC is now a full line of books and plush dolls dedicated to helping children and adults embrace their emotions and find their inner “Woo”! The WorryWoos have received several accolades including a featured spot on NBC’s “TODAY”, a Mom’s Best Award and A Creative Child Book of The Year Award. The WorryWoos are available nationwide in boutique, book and toys shops and their first digital App, Wince, Don’t Feed The WorryBug, is available at the Apple App Store now. For more information, visit http://www.worrywoos.com/

The WorryWoo Monster Line:
* Wince, The Monster of Worry and Don’t Feed The Worrybug
* Nola, The Monster of Loneliness and The Lonely Little Monster
* Rue, The Monster of Insecurity and The Nose That Didn’t Fit
* Fuddle, The Monster of Confusion and The Monster Who Couldn’t Decide
* Squeek, The Monster of Innocence and The Monster In the Bubble
* Twitch, The Monster of Frustration and The Very Frustrated Monster

Contact  for the Woosical - Kristen Tumminello  # 256 – 426-0316 woosicalthemusical@gmail.com
Contact for The WorryWoo Monsters – Andi Green #201-792-4599 – andi@worrywoos.com

Rosemont, IL / San Jose, CA – Anime Central and FanimeCon announced that the internationally renowned Japanese pop band FLOW will perform live at their annual conventions. FLOW is visiting the United States to promote their new album, FLOW ANIME BEST. They will perform in Rosemont, IL, on Friday night, May 20, for Anime Central, and they will return to San Jose, CA for FanimeCon’s MusicFest during Memorial Day Weekend, May 27-30, 2011.

Originally formed in 1993 by TAKE (guitarist) and his older brother KOHSHI (vocalist), the band was named FLOW in 1998 and quickly evolved into its current line-up in 2000 after GOT’S (bassist), KEIGO (vocalist), and IWASAKI (drummer) joined the original two. After their indie debut in 2001, FLOW went on to release their first major album “SPLASH!!!”. They later released “GO!!!”, which eventually became the opening song for Naruto.

FLOW’s West Coast punk sound defines numerous anime shows, including international favorites Naruto and Eureka Seven. While catchy melodies leave plenty of hooks in listeners’ heads, the band’s empowering lyrics perfectly complement anime messages of moving forward and seizing moments.

FLOW’s new album, FLOW ANIME BEST, collects ten of their best songs and more, creating a denser experience than plain “Best of” albums. The tunes are familiar not just as chart-topping hits, but also for the power and emotion of their television tie-ins. The album releases May 10, 2011.

For more information about FLOW, please visit their official web site at www.FLOW.mu and the Sony Music site at www.sonymusic.co.jp/FLOW.

About Anime Central – Anime Central is the Midwest’s largest Asian pop-culture convention. Started in 1998, the show attracts almost 20,000 people to Rosemont, IL (outside Chicago) to celebrate anime, manga, and Japanese culture. A volunteer-run event presented by the non-profit Midwest Animation Promotion Society, Anime Central truly embodies a For Fans, By Fans mentality. Visit www.acen.org for programming details and more information.

About FanimeCon – FanimeCon is Northern California’s largest anime convention. Packed with videos, costumes, music, games, parties, tournaments, panels, and guests from around the world, this annual celebration of Japanese art and popular culture entertains a colorful spectrum of fans and friends. Over 16,000 enthusiasts joined FanimeCon 2010, and 2011 promises to be another record-breaking year. FanimeCon will return to the San Jose McEnery Convention Center during Memorial Day Weekend, May 27-30, 2011. Visit www.fanime.com for the information you’ll need to gear up for FanimeCon 2011.


Aural Vampire

Posted by PMac

Exo-ChikaPhoto by CMac

I had never heard of Aural Vampire until I picked up the Anime Central schedule and read it. There was a long line waiting to get in up to thirty minutes before the introduction was to take place. As the doors opened for the introduction and question session for them, I knew they must have something good going on. Eager fans rushed into the room to sit down as if the quicker they sat down, the sooner the program would begin.

It didn’t take long for me to notice that not many people were sitting erect in their chairs, they were pretty much leaning forward with anticipation. When the audience was seated, the lights began to dim for a music video on a large monitor for play.  Their darkwave, techno, industrial electro and synthpop music filled the room.

After the video, Aural Vampire was announced as they entered the room. Exo-Chika is petite, blonde and bubbly. The audience loved her. One audience member asked her how it feels to be famous. She humbly asked, “Am I famous?” It was so sweet and with such innocence, the audience immediately bonded with her. They were encouraging and supportive of her. She spoke in Japanese and English with the help of her translator. But even when she spoke in Japanese, it was like the audience understood what she was saying. They laughed and cheered her on.

The silent and masked Raveman says it all with his music, gizmos and led messages scrolling across his eye gear.  The Japanese group released two self-produced recordings in 2004 (Vampire Ecstasy) and 2005. They are currently signed with Avex label. Their latest CD was released this month. They attribute the catalyst for their popularity to their releases on MySpace.  They shared with the audience some favorite Manga which included Rozen Maiden and One Piece. Raveman’s favorite animations included the Simpsons. His favorite horror movie is “Toxic Avenger” and favorite video game is “Monster Hunter.”  Exo-Chika’s favorite horror was “Addams Family.”

Exo-Chika told the group how excited she was about coming to America doing a concert. The following day, we caught the Aural Vampire concert. We got some good advice from the Anime Central staff. They told us if we wanted to be able to see and take pictures, we should not sit up front, we should sit on the side because the kids would take up the front. He was right. As soon as the door opened they did not come in looking for seats, they ran to the front to be at the foot of the stage. They cheered Aural Vampire as they came out. The music started and so did the dancing. It was very high-energy. There were five huge screens in the background. Two screens on the outside of the main screen cut between shots of the audience and the concert. One huge screen on the stage provided a multimedia presentation backdrop as they performed. The audience loved it! I’m confident we’ll be hearing a lot more from Aural Vampire.

Don Gunn, PMac and Kirby Krackle

You couldn’t meet nicer guys than Don Gunn and Kirby Krackle.

When I learned they were not comic book artists, I was about to make a quick exit. But it was something about their winning and pleasing personalities. And if not for their personalities, I’m certain I would have walked away. If so, I would have missed an opportunity to check out their sophomore album “E is for Everyone.”

While I am not a music critic (although I play one at home), I enjoyed their CD. I’m glad they convinced me to check out the CD. They had a listening table set up for about four people. Three setups for their current album and one for the previous. The songs are fun and entertaining. I bought a CD before I left the table.

If you are interested in listening to some of their music, you can check it out on their website. My favorite song is “Can I Watch You.” It’s a good CD to listen to when brainstorming for some of those comic ideas.