Our mission is to produce quality television and live online broadcasts featuring established and upcoming comic book artists, cartoonists, graffiti artists, pop artists, illustrators, entertainment/gaming artists, animators and musicians that create music for those industries. We will provide a platform for those that create the art and music that provide a means of escape from daily grime. We will provide a social network supported by sponsors and partners for those that wish to immerse themselves in the culture. Our audience will have the opportunity to learn from artists and musicians of the industry and watch them demonstrate their techniques. It is our goal that they will gain knowledge and appreciation of how things work, the history of escapism and its importance in current times. Commercial art and music for industry educators will also be encouraged to participate.

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Julian High School Group 2PETAL et al. in a collaboration with CopyLine Magazine was a guest presenter for Junior Achievement at Julian High School on Chicago’s South Side. PETAL et al. CEO Pamela McMillan & Vice President of Technology and Communications Clarence McMillan along with Copyline Magazine Editor and Publisher Juanita Bratcher met with groups of students throughout the day discussing career goals and paths taken to get where they got to in their careers. Ms. McMillan also sharing strategies for students to start teaching themselves the things they want to know before they start college by taking advantage of online learning and networking opportunities. Ms. Bratcher discussed her career, shared some of her publications and tips on becoming a writer and published author.

GenCon 2016The Gen Con 2016 Event Finder is live! Gen Con’s Event Finder, which was introduced last year, will be the default option for 2016, and now features “Search by Keyword” or “Game ID” functionality. The Event Finder works on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. It requires an account on gencon.com to use. You can use this tool to view events and begin building your Wish List for Gen Con 2016 Event Registration. The Find Your Events page under the “Experience” header on the top of gencon.com has additional information on how this new interface works.

Long-time Gen Con attendees may be more comfortable using the classic event interface, and they may continue to do so at this web page. A downloadable Event Catalog which updates every six hours is also available in zip file and spreadsheet formats.The Event Catalog currently includes more than 12,500 events (a Gen Con record for its release), and new events will be added to the system as they are approved.
Never Participated in Event Registration?
With a record-breaking Exhibit Hall, exciting Georgia St experience, and a convention center full of amazing sights and sounds, you may think Gen Con has more than you could ever explore in four days. If you have never participated in ticketed events at Gen Con, you’re missing out on a GIANT part of Gen Con. With more than 12,500 different events in the Gen Con Event Catalog, there is something for everyone! You can try new games, play in competitive tournaments, watch live entertainment, learn to craft, and more.Veteran Gen Con attendees now are building their Wish Lists on gencon.com, preparing for the opening of Event Registration on Sunday, May 15 at noon (Eastern). If you have never participated in Event Registration or purchased Event Tickets before, don’t worry; Gen Con will help navigate you through the process.Prospective event ticket purchasers should make sure that they have an account at gencon.com and have a valid badge for Gen Con 2016. Once you have that completed, you can start building a Wish List using the Event Finder. You will want to load up your Wish List with your favorite events found through exploring the event offerings. Then, when Event Registration begins on Sunday, May 15, you can submit your Wish List at noon (Eastern), and it will process in the order in which it is received. Please keep in mind that with thousands of people submitting Wish Lists, many popular events sell out quickly and not everyone will get all the events they want. More information on how to take part in Wish Lists and Event Registration will be released in upcoming newsletters.You can begin building, adding to, re-ordering, and managing your Wish Lists now. To get the “Your Wish List” link under your sign-in information on the upper right of gencon.com, you must have at least one event in your Wish List and a valid Gen Con 2016 badge in your account.Want more information on how to take part in Event Registration? Check out this Find Your Events link. It has links to key pages as well as an instructional video.Have questions about your account or need further information about Event Registration? Email customerservice@gencon.com for more details. Given the high volume of emails anticipated during the week of Event Registration, attendees should plan to resolve any issues sooner rather than later.

True Dungeon 2016 Information
What’s new for True Dungeon events in 2016? Quite a bit!
New Location: True Dungeon (TD) has expanded with a move from the Indiana Convention Center (ICC) to two exhibit halls inside Lucas Oil Stadium. Access to TD events is gained through a pedestrian connector from the Capitol Concourse located just outside the Gen Con Exhibit Hall in the Indiana Convention Center (ICC).Improved Sets: The first Lucas Oil Stadium exhibit hall will be brightly lit and will feature all the pre-game fun like the storyscape and coaching rooms. The second (and connected) hall will boast more dramatic lighting and sound because of this new private location. To take full advantage of these upgrades, True Dungeon has made large improvements to the sets of its adventures. For instance, more than 50 internally-illuminated lava features now can be found inside “Into the Deeperdark.” True Dungeon will boast two consecutive adventures, and this is the first year of the new four-year story arc! Play one or more adventures to find out how the new story begins.Part One: “Into the Deeperdark Players will face many terrors and challenges as they tread into the deepest realms of the Underdark as they give chase to a monster bent upon a grand scheme to gain a set of powerful relics.Part Two: “Behold Her Majesty The party must enter the bizarre abode of a twisted monster to discover the details of his vile scheme. Perplexing puzzles and bone-chilling monsters await!Note: For both adventures, two slightly different versions will be offered: one more puzzle-oriented, the other more combat-focused. This means that you can try a total of FOUR different adventures! You can find additional event details at True Dungeon’s website.True Dungeon event information in Gen Con’s Event Catalog may be viewed at this link.

Curious about True Dungeon? Want to explain TD to friends?  Check out this short video!

Hickman’s “Killer Breakfast” Update
Long-time Gen Con attendees may note that this year’s Event Catalog does not feature Tracy Hickman’s Killer Breakfast events. A popular event among Gen Con attendees, Hickman’s Killer Breakfast was a unique offering from a Lifetime Gen Con Guest of Honor. The team has some bittersweet news, as this event will not take place at Gen Con 2016. Tracy Hickman has accepted a position at a new company called The Void, and due to his busy new schedule, will not be able to attend Gen Con 2016.Tracy Hickman has sent a message to share with Gen Con attendees. “Gen Con holds a special place in my heart, in large part because of the friendships and connections with our fans over the years,” Tracy said. “It’s the familiar faces, the laughter and warm reunions that I’ll miss the most — that and Killer Breakfast, of course.”The Gen Con team wishes Tracy Hickman all the best with his new project, and hopes to see him return for Gen Con 50.
2016 Exhibit Hall Map, Record Number of Exhibitors
Ready to plan your Gen Con adventure? The 2016 Exhibit Hall map released this week on gencon.com. There are two ways to explore the map: an interactive map with links to exhibitor web sites and a printable Gen Con 2016 Exhibit Hall Map PDF. You can use the interactive web tool to discover more about the new companies exhibiting at Gen Con, or to see what your long-time favorites will have in-store for 2016. The printable PDF is great for drawing a path to the companies that you want to visit.For the first time in Gen Con history, the convention will feature more than 500 exhibitors, a more than 25% year-over-year increase. Expansion into Lucas Oil Stadium and into participating downtown Indy venues has created an opportunity to expand the Exhibit Hall in an unprecedented fashion. That’s a lot of games!
Gen Con Baseball Hats
OffWorld Designs has released two new baseball hats In the Official Gen Con Store for 2016. The black dragon and a stone khaki hats feature new designs for 2016, and are just $20 while supplies last.

Seven Wonders By Darwin Geronimo
My love for games extends not only to digital games but tabletop games as well. Companies such as Sony and Microsoft spend millions of dollars developing and designing controllers comfortable to the player’s hands but no video game can replicate the feel of rolling dice in your hands or shuffling a deck of cards or moving pieces on a game board. I look forward to every new tabletop game I receive as much as any video game.
My love for tabletop games arose right around the time I became interested in designing games. I bought my first and still my favorite tabletop game about two years ago after I played it at a convention. The game is called 7 Wonders and to this day, I still consider it the most well-designed tabletop game I have ever played. Thematically, you are the ruler of a civilization based around one of the seven wonders of the ancient world and your goal is to create the greatest civilization in the world. Throughout the course of the game, you build structures that enhance one of your civilizations traits such as military might or available technologies. The beauty of the game lies in its draft mechanic. Each player chooses a structure to build from a hand of cards and then gives whatever cards they do not build to another player while also receiving a new hand of cards from a different player and the process is repeated. The most interesting part about this mechanic is that all players perform this step at the same time. Therefore, rather than the game lasting as long as the sum of all player’s turns like in a typical turn-based game, it is only as long as the sum of the slowest turns amongst up to seven people making for a rather fast-paced strategy game.
What truly interests me about 7 Wonders and tabletop games in general is the communication of the rules of the game. Tabletop games do have many of the same liberties as video games do. A video games programming will often restrict players from breaking the rules of the game, though kudos to speedrunners for finding holes amongst the rules of the game. The thing enforcing the rules of a tabletop game is each player’s understanding of the rules outlined in the rule book. Designing a rule book is one of the most crucial parts of creating a tabletop game. All your mechanics from your game are derived from the rule book. If a player fails to understand what is written in the rules, then they are not playing the game you had intended them to play. It is an excellent exercise for beginning designers to create a tabletop game and to effectively communicate the rules of said game. That is why as an aspiring designer, I will hold tabletop games in the same regard as video games.


About the Author

Darwin Geronimo
Darwin Geronimo is a 21-year-old senior from California State University East working toward his Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Physics with a minor in Mathematics. His specialties include scripting, game physics, data analysis, and critical problem-solving. He hopes to one day break into the industry designing systems and mechanics.

Sunless Sea Has Few Rivals

Posted by Sarah Howell

Sunless Sea BannerBy Sarah Howell
Sunless Sea is a spin-off of a popular browser game called Fallen London by the same company, Failbetter Games. Sunless Sea is based in the same universe and the player takes on command of an Unterzee steamship as their captain, whose background and goals are customizable. The player only wins when they achieve the goals they set at the beginning of the game, or when they discover their calling along the way.

In terms of story, Sunless Sea has few rivals. The setting is alternate history in 1800 and London has fallen underground, the soil overhead closing and leaving New Londoners in a subterranean archipelago. The Zee and Underzee (navigated by Zailors) is filled with danger and meaningful choices that will determine your followers, crew’s mood and general well-being in the world. The player will find quickly that no Captain can survive without trade but the legality of that trade is up to the player. The risk of shipping Souls for Echoes, the currency of Underzee, might outweigh the gain if the police of New London get a hold of the ship. All this and more, important crew members, smugglers and crime lords, hinge on the player’s pull and influence that they gain in their travels. More than items can be sold; stories and news also fetch a tall price from isolated islands but getting there is risky, but necessary.

A character’s death is permanent, Sunless Sea even warns you that many captains will die before the player fulfils their ambitions and masters the game. A captain’s passing, however, lends perks for the next captain to reap whether it’s in the form of knowledge, connections or treasures. In this top-down rogue like game, players must navigate the Zee, avoiding pirates and monsters and maintaining their crew’s sanity in the pitch blackness of the Underzee. The game’s map is built on a tile system and few islands are permanent fixtures between games, adding another challenge to the Unterzee. In SUnless Sea, you are expected to embrace the challenge; you are even expected to die (several times). The only question that you have to answer is this; how?

 About the Author
sarah_howellSarah Howell is a 25-year-old graduate with a Bachelor’s of Art and Science degrees in Entertainment Design and Game Design and Development, as well as a minor in writing. She is skilled in story creation, management, 3D modeling and multimedia design.

HatredBy Brian Massey

After the release of Hatred, a lot of people were angry about the whole game; In fact, the game was removed from Steam Greenlight but was brought back a few months later. With a goal to kill as many people as possible, the game started people wondering “what kind of game am I playing?” It started a lot of controversy – shouting about real life events that are similar to this game – and describing it as a serial killer simulator. After looking at the game I can certainly agree with that analysis.
At first I saw it as some arcade style shooting game playing some bad guy. But the more I saw of the gameplay, I found a lot of disturbing things about Hatred. And I can understand why some people compare it to actual incidents that are similar to Hatred, which offend them. So now the question is, when it comes to video games should there be a limit in regards to Moral and Ethical terms?
I agree that there need to be a limit as to what the designer does. Sometimes the designer can get his research wrong which can be insulting to a group depending on a past or recent event which led to a lazy design in game development. Extra Credits went over this topic a few times on several games whether made by a famous publisher or just a few designers.
The sad part about this is that some people who design such horrible games don’t care how everyone reacts to it or who it offends. There have been Top Ten about these kinds of games all over the internet with even more disturbing ones out there. I even took part in a class talking about some of them and describing how loathsome they are.
It’s the job of the developers, designers, and programmers to stop and think about what they put in their games otherwise there will be conflict with a lot of people that will be offended with what kind of game is put out there. Now, I’m aware that not every game is perfect; even though other games people are familiar with also got a bad recognition like GTA and Payday. However, in those games you don’t have to kill people at random, and in Payday the game takes away points if you will, from a random citizen.
But there are times when a game company or a few designers do it because they think it’s a good idea; but a lot of times it isn’t and there will be consequences. I know that there are better games with smart developers that avoid ways to make a game raise controversial questions.


About the Author

Brian MasseyBrian Massey has been studying game design for 4 years now. He is 21 Years Old. He earned the Deans Honors List last semester. He has learned game design aspects such as 3D Modeling and Special Effects. He went to Japan to Form Software in a study aboard program to learn more about the company. He hopes to not only be a part of a large game design company but also that one of his game ideas be created and shown in the real world.

100 BulletsBy Michele McMillan

1. 100 Bullets – Great storyline, great characters, and options to go the team-mission solving way, or, the vengeance seeking regular guy.
2. Sandman – Pretty sure this would have to be an RPG. Not really a shoot him up. Again, a nice set of characters to choose from with the Endless Ones there.
3. Saga – Yes. Yes. Yes. I love games I can play with my Sig Fig, and this is an excellent candidate for a well illustrated, couple friendly fantasy game.
4. Reiko Zombie Killer – This is an anime, but I think an anime style zombie fighting game with cool “familiar,” like characters would succeed in alt-world/Hot Topic Yugi-Oh collision of some kind.
5. The Goon – man I love the goon, another great illustrated comic, with a loveable lead, and awesome diverse villains for some cool special moves.
6. We3 – Obviously, it would have 3 characters, but cyborg animal fighters sound awesome!
7. Transmetropolitan/Doktor Sleepless – Crazy weapons, body modifications, and another awesome potential game world.
8. Dark Tower Series – Technically, it’s a book first, but I loved the illustrated series that Stephen King has, and if I had to choose one, it’d be this guy, and I’d play up the riddles.
9. Sweet Tooth – Cute. Who doesn’t love forest creatures in flannel? I’m obviously a big Ani-Morph fan.
10. Phonogram – But instead of Brit Pop, it’d really just be indie music mythical creatures, gods, etc.