Our mission is to produce quality television and live online broadcasts featuring established and upcoming comic book artists, cartoonists, graffiti artists, pop artists, illustrators, entertainment/gaming artists, animators and musicians that create music for those industries. We will provide a platform for those that create the art and music that provide a means of escape from daily grime. We will provide a social network supported by sponsors and partners for those that wish to immerse themselves in the culture. Our audience will have the opportunity to learn from artists and musicians of the industry and watch them demonstrate their techniques. It is our goal that they will gain knowledge and appreciation of how things work, the history of escapism and its importance in current times. Commercial art and music for industry educators will also be encouraged to participate.

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1. Research your IDE – This will become your closest ally. I recommend looking at what is available beyond Eclipse or Visual Studio.
2. Use an editor that allows you to collapse and expand your functions so you can tell where code blocks end easily
3. Alerts (‘are your best friend’). Whenever you aren’t sure what is going on, think, where I would put my alert.
4. Everyone copy/pastes in the beginning. Comparing similar code blocks is a great way to learn how things work. Don’t feel bad about it.
5. Javascript is my favorite gateway drug. If you have HTML down, I always recommend moving to Javasacript next. The console in the Google Chrome Browser is a great way to start.
6. JSFiddle, someone else has done it before. Searching for the example can sometimes be more of a learning experience than initially searching for the explanation.
7. Loops can be confusing. Basically, whatever you have, you need to know the number of them that occur. That number is frequently called the length, or a count.
8. Intellisense – MAKE SURE YOU HAVE INTELLISENSE IT WILL SAVE YOU SO MUCH TIME! I learned without intellisense because I frequently had reference/dll issues in the beginning. intellisense will inspire you to think on your own.
9. Copy/Paste, becomes type. Once you understand how to copy/ paste correctly to combine functioning blocks, begin typing variables out to see what else you can do with them.
10. Just because it is on a computer doesn’t mean you need to look at it there. I frequently hand-write out what I want my code to do, and I also keep notes of what doesn’t work, and the error messages.